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Shapewear – r u fun of wearing one?

For those who are fun of wearing shape wear – visit this yahoo link – so that you will know the disadvantages of having one. For me, I am fun of wearing one when I was young and single because I wanted to be sexy. I mean you know the usual young people do. Right now, I am okay with the way I look especially that I have two kids already. For as long as I am healthy, I do not mind wearing shape wear or other material things that would aid me in looking sexier or whatever.

I love my custom t-shirts

I do love to wear t-shirts almost every day. My favorite colors are white, pink, blue, olive, and brown. I can even wear t-shirts even if the weather is cold ‘coz I will have to put it under my jacket. What I do love most is my custom t-shirts. These t-shirts of mine have my words in which it will tell my feelings because I customized it the way I want to. I used good words on my customize shirts and I also have the other way around. And you know what? These goodies are the envies of my friends since it’s stylish and unique.