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Kroger Plus Card advantage

Author: Joseph Sandoval

In these days of crazy coupon clipping and shows on television about people who only shop with triple and quadruple coupons that actually pay you to take the items out of the store I have found a neat trick. Kroger will let you put coupons on your plus card via the internet! This is a fantastic new discovery, people! If you are anything like me you probably hate to sit down with a Sunday paper spread out over your kitchen table. That is basically the last thing on Earth that I want to be doing on a Sunday. Luckily you can go to Kroger’s web site and actually load coupons on to your Kroger Plus Card. This is really cool technology if you ask me. I am the last person to carry a little envelope with all of the coupons that I would like to you. I also don’t want to have to figure out which coupon can be used with which thing etc. This way you can go to your Spokane internet, go to and start saving money right away. I don’t know about you but this makes me want to start shopping for groceries at Kroger.

Don’t touch

The “please don’t touch” thing inside a cab. I just don’t know if this is functioning or what. Or maybe the owner of the just doesn’t want that anyone will touch it and will destroy it. But it’s unique.

Celebrity news

It is so nice to read amazing celebrity news from time to time. What I want is for me to know their love stories and more. Sometimes, it is so wonderful to be inspired by the love stories of these celebrities and somehow share it with other people mostly those who are still searching for the person that’s right for them. And so today, I will be visiting my favorite website and know the recent celebrity buzzes.Hope to read enchanting and inspirational celebrity love stories then!