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Fixing myself right now

I love to help people out but then most of the time I don’t have savings. So, it will end up that when I will give money to them, I will have to use my credits. And to these days, I have more than enough. So, I told myself that I need to stop sharing for the meantime. I will be back sharing my finances once I am done fixing my own. Oh dear God, I am sorry for my financial mess as it is too much already. I know u are helping me out and I have faith in you that in a year or less I am debt free. This I ask through Jesus Christ your Son with the Holy Spirit and all the Angels and Saints. Thank you so much Father God! Thank you so much!

Prosperity affirmation

Prosperity affirmation by Louise L. Hay:

My income is constantly increasing
Money flows freely through me
I am a magnet for money
Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me
The law of Abundance brings only good in my life

I just love this woman! May God bless her all the time.