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Getting Pregnant After 40

If you are 40 and you are looking into conceiving another child, or if you decided to focus on your career and/or traveling earlier in your life but now you want to have a baby- you are aware that age can be a contributing factor on how difficult or easy it is to conceive.
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For the love of curly hair

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I do love curly hair and that is the reason why I chose a curly haired man to be my husband for life. I thought that my kids will be having curly hairs like my him but they copied my super straight hair. Anyway, I just love curls because for me it is a natural art and it is beautiful. I can remember that when I was a kid, I used to ask my mama to have my hair curly but then it will just go back to straight very quickly. Now that I am mature enough, I still want to have my hair curly.

And you know what the answer to that longing of mine is? Haha, not to marry another man, it won’t help! The answer to my love of curly hair is for me to use any of these beautiful black hair wigs. Yes, I got lots of selections of hair wigs from And mind you, I got thousands of choices. I love all of the hair wigs because it is affordable with free shipping when my purchase is $49 and more. Isn’t that great?

Are you looking for hair wigs as well? If you are, do check now or anytime you like. Pretty sure, you will be amazed with all of the hair wigs, hair care products, hair accessories and more that offers. And always check for the sale products and enjoy the free shipping! Happy shopping!

Humidity is much needed for healthy breathing and healthy body

My throat is supper dry when I woke up early morning today. The whole day and night, I felt different and it seems I have slight sore throat or whatever. When I check the humidity in the house, OMG it is 15%. When it is like that my nose and my throat will be so dry. I already took medicines and ate lozenges. But then I still feel dry in my throat. I already had tablespoons of honey but then my throat still feels so dry. Tonight I boiled a pot of water to make the humidity at least 30%. And I Will check on my humidifier before going to sleep so that there will be enough moister in the house. This is the result of living a place with four seasons. I am use of having great humidity in my Asian county and even if I am here living abroad for more than 10 years, I am still looking for a good humidity in the house. Usually, the moisture in the house will decrease during the day as the windows and doors will be open. It’s just during the night that I can trap the moisture as everything will be closed. Anyway, I hope to feel better as I have a dental appointment tomorrow. Sigh!

Shapewear – r u fun of wearing one?

For those who are fun of wearing shape wear – visit this yahoo link – so that you will know the disadvantages of having one. For me, I am fun of wearing one when I was young and single because I wanted to be sexy. I mean you know the usual young people do. Right now, I am okay with the way I look especially that I have two kids already. For as long as I am healthy, I do not mind wearing shape wear or other material things that would aid me in looking sexier or whatever.

I loose 1lb now

So far, I am doing well with my diet plan for the three consecutive days. I do not have many cravings at all. I can regulate my food and liquid intake. I even loose 1 lb already since I can consume few calories of food without skipping any meals. So, do you want to know my secret in which I learned this from one of my good friends?