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Being happy once again

My alarm is ‘Happy’ like that theme song of minions. Why? It reminds me to be happy. I usually listen to this song whenever I am sad coz this reminds me of being happy once again. Life is all about happiness, and I forget about it most of the time. And good songs like this ‘happy song’ always reminds me to be happy again.

Follow your heart and be positive all the time

Follow your heart.
Get rid of negativity.
Be proud of who you are.

You have to because you are the only one that you need to do it. Be positive all the time. That is your best weapon and instrument to have a better life. Keep your faith up high so that God will give you all the blessings that you can use in this lifetime to bless other people and not just yourself. Always believe and pray to God for everything.

Being positive again

Whenever I am not writing, I feel depressed in life. And so here I am right now trying to make this simple article. Writing is just my extension of pouring my thoughts about just anything. Every time I will update my blogs, I am feeling better. Whenever I feel so lazy, I feel so down, and all the negativity will come into my mind. Anyway, enough with negativity coz here I am trying to update this blog of mine.

Words are powerful

Words are so powerful that it can make a person successful or not. And so we need to be careful with how we use it. When we think we can hurt the other person through our words, but it’s not. We first hurt our own selves through our words before we hurt other people. Once we spoke that word, we cannot take it back. And so when we don’t have any good words to say, we better be silent and not say a word at all.

Looking back

As I look back, I can say that my life is blessed in the way I want it to. God is so good that he answers every details of my life. Even the not so good ones, He still answers it. If I made mistakes he is there for me to guide and lift me up. I am so grateful that in my life’s journey, God is always with me.

Oh dear God

If we can just anticipate things in the future, we will be a bit wiser in our present. If we can just calculate our actions in the present, then probably, we will be having a better future. Better future always affects our lives and our families. How I wish I can turn back time, work more, save more and invest. Oh dear God, help!

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Musicians friend coupons

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Am into writing now

For the past two days, I am into writing articles. Even if it’s just personal post at least, I am starting to write again. Instead of me bragging or posting things on my timelines, I will just write things on my blogs. Mostly, my blogs are my shock absorber especially when I am not feeling positive. It’s my way of venting out. Oh my!

God, please bless them all. Thank you.

God thank you so much for all the blessings you gave me and my family. With this, please bless everyone that helps me, all those companies that gave and will give me work, bless each of them. For all the good friends who shared their blessings to me, please also bless them. In Jesus Name, may all the good companies, good people and good friends of mine, be blessed in ways that they cannot imagine. Thank you God.